World’s Youngest Parents

Even if your bundle of joy was eagerly planned for it’s not unusual for new parents to feel overwhelmed. the difficult task of parenting can be even harder when the parents are basically children themselves. we’ll show you some of the youngest parents in the world

Lina Media

    Lina Medina let’s start out by talking about the youngest confirmed birth mother in medical history. Lina Medina was only 5 years old when she made history by giving birth in her home of Lima Peru. When her parents noticed her swelling abdomen they first feared that she was developing some sort of tumor and brought her to the hospital. The initial doctor who examined her couldn’t believe his eyes and called in specialists who confirmed that little Lina was seven months pregnant. Because of this unusual and shocking situation, her story was carefully documented by physicians, of course, everyone was wondering who the father of Lina’s baby was but he was never identified. Because of Lina’s small size, she gave birth via cesarean section and her healthy baby boy entered the world. The boy was named Gerardo after the doctor that had attended Lina during her pregnancy. He was brought up believing that his mother was his sister until he learned the truth at 10 years old. At for his mother, she was psychologically a normal five-year-old and usually preferred playing with dolls rather than her own child. Lina later married and even had another child 33 years later. She and her husband now live a quiet life together in Peru

    Sherry Johnson

    Although she was twice as old as Lina Medina when she gave birth. Sherry Johnson, was still a child at 10 years old when she told her mother that she was pregnant. The father was an adult member of her church creating a horrifying situation both morally and legally. Her mother did the rational thing and asked how Sherry felt about marrying the man who had impregnated her. Regardless of how young Sherry felt a Florida judge agreed to approve the marriage between a grown man and a child in order to end the criminal case pending against the church member. At 10 years old Sherry gave birth to a daughter and when she was 11 she married the man who had impregnated her. Although that was the first birth it wasn’t the last sherry would go on to have a total of nine children with her now ex-husband. Surprisingly their marriage didn’t last and after years of misery Sherry finally gathered the strength to leave for good.

    Tyler Barker

      When the world first heard that baby faced 12-year-old Alfie Patten had recently fathered a baby himself everyone was shocked. The mother of the child was thirteen years old Chantelle Steadman who gave birth to a girl named Maisie Roxane. Alfie and his family hoped to do the right thing by Chantelle and the baby but in a truly Maury moment, it was later revealed that he was not the father. His family believes that the allegations were a ruse by Chantelle and her family to gain lucrative media deals. So who was the real father of little Maisie? While young Alfie had once proclaimed that he was Chantelle’s only boyfriend several boys had come forward admitting that they could be the child’s father. it ended up being 15-year-old Tyler Barker who broke down sobbing when he heard of the paternity test results. He admitted to hooking up with Chantelle Steadman during a drunken one-night stand when he was only 13. Which is a statement that should have been uttered by someone much older. He claimed that it was the only time he had been intimate with Chantelle and called the incident the worst mistake of his life.

      Sean Stewart

      Sean Stewart was just 11 years old when he got his next-door neighbor 15 years old Emma Webster pregnant. When the pair were dating Sean would climb across the roof just to meet up with Emma after dark. Although the pair used protection the condom happened to break one fateful evening. Initially, a thought she had come down with a stomach bug until she learned that she was pregnant. Sean even got the privilege of skipping school for the day. When his son was born just a month after his own twelfth birthday. His son Ben Lewis was born healthy but becoming a new father was just the start of Sean’s troubles. Emma about to complete her education despite becoming a mother she eventually got married and went on to have other children with her new husband. Despite Sean’s youthful statements about staying friends with Emma he left school in his early teens and traveled never staying in one place for long and not visiting his son for years. Sean was occasionally on the wrong side of the law and ended up serving a seven-month prison term for theft

      April Webster and Nathan fishbourne.

      April Webster became pregnant when just become a teenager she was 13 the same age as her boyfriend NathanFishbourne. The pyramids at school and their relationship quickly became physical that day. Before her 14th birthday, April discovered that she was pregnant because of health complications their son Jamie was delivered via cesarean section. He was born with a malformed esophagus and struggled to eat at first thanks to a successful surgery however he was finally declared healthy after an 11 day stint in the hospital. Despite his young age Nathan was thrilled to be a father and loved caring for his son, in fact, his desire to have him for weekend overnights caused the two families to meet a sort of informal custody agreement. Both sets of grandparents were hesitant and shocked when they learned of April’s pregnancy but claimed that they’re glad Jamie is happy healthy and here.

      It’s time for our trivia question.

      High school can be hard enough for most people to get through but imagine having a child to care for on top of that. In the United States what percentage of teenage mothers end up dropping out of high school?

      we’ll tell you at the end

      Tressa Middleton

        When she was only nine years old Tressa Middleton began running with a much older and wilder crowd. She had already started drinking and partying when she suddenly found herself pregnant at the age of eleven after being assaulted by her own brother. Needless to say Tressa was shocked and devastated authorities were alerted and her brother Jason was imprisoned for four years, as a result, all this was so much to deal with that Tressa ended up giving the baby up for adoption after giving birth at the age of twelve. As she grew up Tressa stopped her lying on drugs and alcohol to deal with her trauma and ended up engaged. Sadly she and her fiance struggled to conceive and Tressa wondered if she was somehow being punished for letting her firstborn be taken away. Finally, she was able to announce a healthy pregnancy Tressa describes the pregnancy as bittersweet. She’s looking forward to finally getting the chance to be a mother yet worries that her first child will think that she was replaced by a new baby. She explains that her difficult past has made her all the more determined to give her child the best possible life. Trust I intend to be open about the adoption to her new child and hopes that the children can someday meet and form a relationship.

        World’s youngest father

        Although his identity has been held for his protection we do know the age of the world’s youngest father. One 11-year-old boy from Auckland New Zealand became the youngest father in the world after having a child with a 36-year-old woman. She was a mother of the boy’s friend from school and is now facing criminal charges because of boy’s age. if convicted she could spend up to 20 years in prison for her crime. It’s been reported that a woman coerced the young boy into several encounters that eventually ended up in pregnancy. The 11-year-old father confessed to a school principal who promptly alerted authorities both the young boy and his son are both believed to be currently in the care of the state for legal reasons further details are unavailable at this time regarding this situation.

        Unknowing mother if you’ve ever watched a show featuring women who didn’t know that they were pregnant you may have been skeptical that someone could not notice a human being growing inside their body but sadly it happens more often than you might think and it recently happened toa very young girl in India

        A 10 year old girl in India

        After repeatedly complaining about stomach pains a ten-year-old girl was taken to the hospital where doctors were shocked to discover she was about 30 weeks pregnant. Her parents petitioned India’s SupremeCourt to allow their daughter to terminate her pregnancy but were denied their request. In India terminations after week 20 are not allowed unless there’s a threat to the mother’s life or the child. She ended up giving birth via cesarean section and the surgery was thankfully free of complications. The baby was born healthy and its grandparents decided to put it up for adoption as for the 10-year-old mother she still doesn’t know that she was pregnant and delivered a child. Her parents chose to keep it a secret and told her that she was having surgery to remove a stone that had formed in her stomach. The father of the baby is unknown as of this time.

        Mollie Syrigos

          Mollie Syrigos one of Australia’s youngest parents is Mollie Syrigos she was only 13 when she discovered she was pregnant with the child of her then 14-year-old boyfriend Oscar Wilks. Shen she realized that she was going to have a baby molly claims that it was the reactions of those she considered friends that hurt the most. It seemed like everyone around her was encouraging her to terminate her pregnancy but she refused. Despite the lack of support from her friends Mollie gave birth to a baby boy named Theodore and claimed to have her son caused her to grow up incredibly fast. She dropped out of school but has since returned oscar has been supportive of Mollie and their son and the couple has stayed together. In fact now that Mollie is 15 and Oscar is 16 they have found themselves expecting a new addition to the family once more. Although Mollie admits that her second pregnancy was unexpected she is excited for her new baby and believes that she and Oscar can get through whatever life sends their way.

          System failure

          When someone very young falls pregnant people are quick to point fingers some blame the children themselves others blame society and many people blame their parents for not educating or supervising them properly. But, in this case, Australia’s Department of community services admits that they really dropped the ball. A father alerted the organization that his ex-wife was allowing his 11-year-old daughter to share a bed with her older boyfriend .at the time they told him that there was nothing they could do about the situation later when the father was horrified to discover his now 12-year-old daughter was pregnant. The organization admitted that they had made a mistake by not intervening and claimed that they were stretched too thin and this case was not considered urgent at the time. At least the Department of Community Services is now stepping up and a promise to provide support and parenting services for the young girl. Her father has also stepped up and claims that he will ensure the safety of his grandchild

          If you become pregnant as a teenager what are the odds that you will end up dropping out of high school?

          50% of teenage mothers end up dropping out of high school compared to only 10% of women who don’t give birth as teens. Parenting is exceptionally difficult and it’s even more challenging when you’re still a child yourself. Hopefully hearing about these extremely young parents has made you appreciate all of your free time and disposable income before you head out to thank your lucky stars be sure to Share out Articles.

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