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How Much It Costs To Build The Great Pyramid Today?

When it comes to mystery and allure no landmark anywhere on our planet can match the foreboding great pyramids of Egypt. What you see before you ladies and gentlemen is a complex of ancient structures that have baffled scientists for thousands of years with hot desert sand looming in the distance. The pyramids emerge from the earth with strength and power unlike anything else on the horizon. As you can see by all of the people moving through the area the site’s popularity is enormous but rarely if ever do visitors get the chance to step inside the world wonder

Today we’ve got exclusive access into this ancient marvel ready let’s go

All pyramid

Before we venture inside the great pyramid let’s take a moment to appreciate the complex from afar from where we stand in the Nazlet el Samman village. We have the most cohesive views of the pyramids over on the horizon to our left you’ll see the 200-foot tall pyramid of Menkaure next to it are three miniature structures are known collectively as the queen’s pyramids as we move from left to right you’ll see the second-largest pyramid in the area the 446-foot tall pyramid of Khafre then we’ve got the big kahuna the great pyramid of Giza this 456 feet tall world wonder is both the oldest and largest of three major pyramids in front of us dating back some 4500 years behind it are the remnants of the western cemetery and in front of it is the eastern cemetery.

tomb of queen Hetepheres

Adjacent to the tomb of queen Hetepheres the last thing we’ll point out before jumping inside the giant limestone structures the beautiful sphinx which emerges 65 feet off the dusty earth below. the great pyramids of Giza receive 14.7 million visitors every year but only a select few can explore inside luckily today that includes us.

inside pyramid giza

Step right in folks we’ll start by descending down this dark tight passageway. We can either keep going down or head upright., cast your vote?? Down it is. This tunnel takes us to the subterranean chamber which sits 90 feet below the surface. Evidently, there’s not much to see here no hieroglyphics no signs of a tomb that’s because the subterranean chamber is unfinished okay we’ve reached a dead end so let’s circle back. The near-vertical tunnel is actually an escape system but we won’t be using it today as we climb higher we’ll arrive at the queen’s chamber. These walls are constructed entirely of smooth limestone blocks the roof is gabled and the floor is pink granite stone over here and here are two airshafts. and this wall niche is where a statue of the king was rumored to once stand let’s keep moving welcome to this stunning yet claustrophobic 150 footlong grand gallery look up the ceiling is 28 feet high and the further up we go the thinner the hallway becomes to see that hole close to the roof this hole connects with the relieving chambers if the stone were to cave in they’d flood these empty relieving rooms.

king chamber in pyramid
hidden chambers inside great pyramid of giza will finally be revealed after 4500-years thanks to a robot

Now our next stop the king’s chamber folks welcome to the glorious king’s chamber unique inscriptions line the granite-based walls here and here that’s actually an extractor fan designed to circulate air inside the pyramid and over there is a granite slab used to house the sarcophagus. Now it’s time for some fresh air take one last look at our ancient pyramid what you see before you is a collection of two million three hundred thousand blocks by today’s numbers each individual block would cost about 495 dollars let’s break that down. each block weighs about 2.5 tons and the cost per ton of a solid limestone piece is just under that brings us to the all-important question what is the entire value of the ancient pyramid in today’s dollars two million three hundred thousand blocks multiplied by 495 takes us to just under 1.14 billion dollars. throwing the estimated 102 million for labor costs and the tally reaches1.2 billion excluding annual maintenance.

luxor pyramid

So guys and that were an insight into the ancient pyramid and we’ve converted its construction into modern expenses but what if we built a brand new pyramid today with modern materials what would it look like and how much would it cost. Let us transport you to the Luxor pyramid in las vegas a new world take on the historic landmark. It’s sleek it’s black and while it looks so similar to its ancient counterpart it’s constructed of completely different materials. As we venture inside the 351foot tall modern pyramid we’re not greeted with chambers and tunnels but rather a 100 000 square foot casino floor and a collection of 2526 high roller hotel rooms. These 40 degree slanted walls are made primarily of steel accounting for the steel frame the high-quantity of glass and the 21st-century furnishings electronics and security systems the construction bill adds up to 375 million dollars. which’s clearly 800 million cheaper than the historic version since these lighter materials are more cost-effective if the ancient Egyptians were to do it all over again the luxury building seems like the perfect blueprint but if the Egyptians were to rebuild they’d do their due diligence and consider all the construction options let’s take a look at another example of them over in Dubai whose arid climate is likened to that of the Egyptian deserts.

dubai frame

They’ve built a unique Dubai frame it looks like it should just fall over right but it doesn’t because it’s built sturdily with solid foundations with the perfect combination of glass steel-aluminum and reinforced concrete. lets see what this would look like in pyramid or not bad at just 62 million dollars it appears as one of the most budget-friendly construction options how would you construct a modern-day pyramid let us know in the comments.

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