Dragon Ball: 10 Characters Who WILL Surpass Lord Beerus

5. Gohan

Gohan may not have lived up to a cell saga heights in dragon ball super but he has definitely grown as a fighter and as a man, after getting shamed in the battle against Frieza during resurrection f. Gohan decided to start taking his training a little more seriously again. What’s most impressive is that he decided to do so without fully relying on his super Saiyan abilities. Gohan’s looking to forge his own path away from the powers of Vegeta and his father. What better way to showcase him completing his arc than to have him surpass Goku’s current rival Beerus. for Gohan that wouldn’t just be about power levels either he’s an incredibly intelligent fighter having learned from both his father’s greatest moments and the education, his mother pushed him on. None of the other fighters can claim to be both a warrior and a scholar so if anybody could figure out a new form that would rival ultra instinct it would be gohan. During his glory days it looked like gohan might actually surpass his father as earth’s greatest hero. Outmatching Beerus would be the perfect way of accomplishing this goal once and for all.

4. Vegeta

    Perhaps nobody in the Dragonball universe has had quite a character arc like Vegeta’s. Introduced as a villain intent on destroying the earth Vegeta has grown into a noble well mostly noble hero and friend. He’s shown true humility to the point of even admitting his admiration for Goku during the tournament of power and that is why he would be the perfect character to overcome Beerus and become the next god of destruction. You see Vegeta was born to be a conqueror but the ideals of his father held both him and his people back. once Vegeta began to embrace his feelings and the teachings of others he was able to reach forms his father never dreamed of. He learned how to be worthy of power instead of just attaining it for its own sake. Now that he’s proven himself worthy of calling himself a true super Saiyan god the only next step is the god of destruction. As a warrior who understands the value in both devastation and creation. He’d be the perfect candidate for this job let’s just hope that it doesn’t make him go all power-mad again. He does kind of have a habit of regressing back into the odd evil monologue every once in a while

    3. Goku

    At this point, it seems inevitable that Goku will surpass Beerus. I mean it’s Dragon ball Goku eventually surpasses every character in the series it’s probably only a matter of time before he fights lord Zeno until only one is left standing and then after that Goku’s next opponent is well it’s the audience isn’t it? So with that in mind, the question with Goku isn’t whether or not Goku will surpass Beerus but how he’ll surpass Beerus. Well, that answer also seems to be pretty easy ultra instinct he managed to pull that one out during his showdown with siren and shocked pretty much everybody in the multiverse. Clearly they hadn’t watched his epic fight with Frieza otherwise they would have known that pulling out new forms from nowhere is kinda Goku’s thing. During the tournament, we learned that even Beerus hasn’t learned how to master the all-powerful form usually reserved for angels. While Goku currently isn’t able to control ultra instinct how he’d like to its only a matter of time before he’s mastered it. At that point, Beerus and Goku will finally have that rematch from the battle of the gods. Dragon ball super began with Goku taking on Beerus so it would be fitting for the storyline to end with him defeating the god at last.

    2. Jiren

      At this point, it’s unclear if we even know just how powerful Jiren truly is. He was defeated by Frieza and Goku but only by a technicality. It’ll probably be until the inevitable rematch before we truly learn what the ceiling is on Jiren’s incredible strength. So this one’s kind of tough because it’s entirely possible that Jiren doesn’t need to surpass Beerus. nope, it’s actually possible that he already a lot more powerful than our god of destruction. During the tournament of power, this noted that Jiren was already at a power level comparable to a god of destruction. Even Beerus seemed terrified of his insane strength through some of that could have been over whether Goku could beat him and save their universe from oblivion. It was a stressful day for everybody so it’s hard to know how to read his level of panic. Once Jiren was humbled by Goku and the company he likely will return to his journey of revenge against the mysterious being who destroyed his master. If Jiren really is to accomplish this he will have to continue to grow his already monstrous strength as it stands he could probably already go toe-to-toe with Beerus if he gets any more powerful well Beerus better just stay in universe 7 I’m just saying. This is another case of maybe he’s already more powerful than Beerus.

      1. Broly

      When it was announced that the legendary super Saiyan was going to be made canon. It was met with both excitement and confusion for one we’ve never really seen the series properly acknowledge the movies like this. It’s been almost 30 years since Cooler’s revenge and he’s still not canon. luckily the series had already introduced elements into the series that would pave the way for a canonical Broly. During the tournament of power, we saw kale reach this incredibly powerful form. It was proven to be so powerful that it came within a hair of clenching the tourney for universe 6. So when we saw a much older much-more grizzled Saiyan warrior with the same power it made sense that he could trash both Goku and Vegeta. The two had to form Gogeta just to shut him down in a fight so brutal that it literally burst through reality itself. If it requires breaking the limits of the universe to defeat Broly there’s probably a pretty good chance that he’s pretty close to Beerus if not already more powerful. ultimately we’ll probably never know it’s unclear if Broly will ever be brought into the main story or if his film will even get a sequel. Ah we’re just kidding it’s the highest-grossing dragon ball movie of all time of course they’re gonna drag Broly backout. I gotta say after watching Dragonball super Broly a few dozen times my money’s on the legendary Super Saiyan beating Beerus.

        Well, there you have it all the Dragonball characters destined to take down Beerus. who do you think will become the next god of destruction let us know in the comments down below

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