Dragon Ball: 10 Characters Who WILL Surpass Lord Beerus

Ever since Dragon Ball Z battle of the gods, Beerus has been destined for a beat down. We don’t yet know who’s going to take down the arrogant god of destruction but we do know it’s gonna happen one day soon and we also know that it’s gonna be freaking awesome.

10. Future Trunks

Future trunks may have the greatest resolve of any character in dragon ball twice has he faced impossible odds on a scourged earth only to end up saving the day. Sure he’s had to use time travel to get help from his dear old dad and friends but he’s always proved himself to be worthy of them. So there’s a decent chance that he will grow into a Super Saiyan warrior capable of taking on a god of destruction. We’ve already seen him master multiple Super Saiyan forms but not any of the god forms. That being said he was able to master a super Saiyan rage form that was able to fight off fused zamasu .that’s uh pretty incredible seeing how unbelievably powerful fuse zamasu was. Goku and Vegeta had to fuse together into Vegito blue to take him on. If that’s any kind of indicator on how much potential future trunks has then his super Saiyan blue form would be incredible. It does kind of make sense the Trunks would have insane amounts of rage hidden underneath that cool exterior has watched his planet be destroyed but twice. Watch out if you ever go back to the alternate future Beerus because there may be a new god of destruction waiting for you and his sword is really sharp.

9. Hit

For half a second there it seemed like hit was gonna go down as one of the most powerful dragon ball characters of all time. The first time we saw his time travel antics take down super Saiyan blue Vegeta it was truly shocking. This guy came out of nowhere took down Vegeta like he was freaking Yajirobe it turns out that he’s able to utilize a pretty unique combination to take out his enemies with ease. The master assassin can jump in time and attack his enemies vital points directly. While this initially seemed like an unbeatable strategy hit was ultimately overmatched by fighters like Jiren. Encountering beings capable of going toe-to-toe with him has only increased his power. Though hit is an incredibly old being his exact age isn’t known but he’s over a thousand years old. In between his first match against Goku and the gang in the tournament of power. Hit grew immensely in strength if he continues to push those abilities to new heights he’s gonna have no problem surpassing Beerus and the other gods. After all what are gods of destruction? if not the highest order of assassin. planet assassins hungry hungry planet assassins.

8. Gotenks

    If there’s one complaint that i have about dragon ball super it’s that the show features far too little Gotenks. The fused form of Goten and trunks first debuted in the main Buu saga and quickly became a major player. These two pips queak powerhouses were able to merge together into a super Saiyan warrior capable of Super Saiyan3. So far Goku is the only other Saiyan to have mastered it and it wasn’t nearly as easy. In fact, everything seems to come easier to Goten and Trunks. Sit’s unclear whether they are both prodigies or are only following in their father’s footsteps but they have reached incredible power for how old they are. Think about how much trouble Gohan had with fighters like raccoon when he was a kid. They wouldn’t even have to go super Saiyan to trash that guy. So it seems safe to assume that both of these fighters will grow to master their father’s forms. Super Saiyan Blue is inevitable for just them alone so just imagine what their fused form is going to look like in the future. Gogeta fought Broly so hard they broke a dimensional wall. Just think what the next generation to say in savants would be capable of you know Beerus might end up being the one who brings them, sweets, in exchange for mercy.

    7. Toppo

    Man, I really thought Toppo was going to be a bigger deal for a second. The leader of the pride troopers wasted very little time giving Goku a piece of his mind shortly after being introduced. For half a second it seemed like he would be Goku’s new rival. It turns out that he was just the starter course for the Jiren rivalry to come. Still we can’t forget the Toppo was able to break into the god of destruction territory during the tournament of power. While Jiren may have ended up becoming the saga’s main antagonist Toppo was the one who achieved his goal. The next time all the gods of destruction meet up Beerus may be surprised to see Toppo joining them. Though he would be a huge improvement over belmod that penny-wise wanna be really is the worst god of destruction out there isn’t he. Toppo’s sense of honor might make it hard for him to take on the job but there’s a good chance he would do a better job than Beerus. Seriously he spends most of his run on the franchise asleep.

    6. Frieza

      Seems as though Frieza has given up on a few things. for one his quest for immortality is no more not only that but his quest to become more powerful than Vegeta and Goku also seem to be on hold indefinitely nope. The only thing Frieza cares about now is getting just a little bit taller. Did he forget that he has other forms that area whole bunch taller you don’t really have to make a wish to an eternal dragon to make that happen Frieza. Now though Frieza seems to be much more dangerous than he ever was before. That’s because Frieza’s greatest ability had nothing to do with power levels nope. Frieza’s greatest asset is his malevolent and brilliant tactical mind. While android 17 May have technically won the tournament of power it was Frieza’s strategy that won team universe 7 everything not only that but he wisely played Broly off of Vegeta and Goku forcing them to fight the legendary super Saiyan nearly to their end. So while Frieza may never surpass Beerus by his own power he could easily overcome him in a more sinister way. Frieza doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would be above poisoning somebody’s dessert in fact he’s probably never thrown a dinner party without at least five fatalities.

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